Fast Track To Wine Expertise


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For An Employee Social Event Or Client Edu-tainment

Sip, swish, swallow, and go! In less than two hours, you will know more about wine than 90% of the US population!

How to taste wine like a pro, how to navigate and outsmart a restaurant wine list, insider secrets wine retailers won't tell you, how to read a wine label, how to make any wine taste better for free, and so much more!

Michael's unique edu-tainment approach combines humor with a wealth of knowledge built from a lifetime of experiences in the world of wine, creating a pretense-free experience that makes this often intimidating topic accessible to everyone. Filled with entertaining and revealing anecdotes and insider tips, this event is perfect for the wine novice or an experienced wine lover.

Great Wine By Great Women

Great Wine By Great Wine

Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Excellent For Women's Empowerment Events And Organizations

It's always exciting to have an opportunity to celebrate innovators in the world of wine, and even more so when they're also opening doors for others.

With this program, Michael toasts women winemakers who have helped break down the gender barrier that has for too long existed in the world of winemaking.

From the legendary to the up-and-coming, these women winemakers present a force to be reckoned with. Michael's tasting proves that their wines do, too!

Michael links key attributes of these pioneering women wine-makers, which have contributed to their accomplishments, and which can serve as a model for anyone reaching for success and breaking new ground in their field.

A Taste Of Diversity


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Connect, communicate, and create the perfect environment for celebrating diversity. With this program, Michael brings laughter, wisdom and understanding to the modern workplace as he takes you on a wine tasting journey that spans continents and cultures.

Explore the people, places and circumstances that created the world’s most popular wines. Savor the flavor of wines from South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North America and enjoy the conversation as we discuss the diverse populations who made them.

Whether black, white, male or female; whatever sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or religion. A Taste of Diversity is the perfect way to empower every member of your team!

A Matter of Time: How Does A Great Wine Age


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Extraordinary High End Client Entertaining Experience That Will Resonate For Years To Come

It‘s amazing how rare it is for folks to actually try wines with decades of age. And while most wines are ready to drink the day they hit the shelves, there are a select few grapes and regions that lend themselves to aging, offering up even more complex flavors.

Knowing the difference and understanding how wines mature will ensure that you are enjoying your wine at that perfect moment of peak of flavor and balance.

In this event, Michael reveals how the right amount of aging can turn great wine into something truly transcendent, by tasting through exquisite selections that have fully benefited from the passage of time, including Barolo, Bordeaux, Napa Cabernet, and Port.

Corks & Torts: An Evening Of Food, Drink, And Litigation

AdobeStock_166793666 (1).jpeg

Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Partner Meetings And Client Entertaining

Food, drink, and spirits are not exempt from important issues involve intellectual property, including trademark and trade dress.

Working collaboratively with your colleagues, Michael will customize a food and drink experience that weaves important rulings from the epicurean world with content based around relevant issues and your own firm's success.

Through a rousing discussion and a lively dining experience, your partners, clients, or prospects will leave with a better understanding of the critical issues your firm faces on a daily basis through the canvas of food and drink.

Automation & Libation: An A.I. & Wine Experience


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

When artificial intelligence systems can drive our cars, diagnose medical patients, and manage our finances more effectively than we humans, profound questions on the future of work and how companies compete arise.

Michael custom tailors this program for the opportunities and challenges facing your organization.

After the discussion, your guests are welcomed into a reception or dinner which illustrates how the world of wine and spirits has been affected by the digital and A.I. revolutions.

The Language of Art & Wine


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Museums & Gallery Events

Balanced, expressive, elegant - it's no coincidence that we often use the same words to describe fine art and great wine. Both art and wine are the product of a combination of technical method and personal creative expression. 

Viewing great art or sipping great wine can tell us a great deal about their creator, and the time and place from which they came.

This intersection between the language of art and wine is the subject of this extraordinarily creative and mouth-watering experience!

Michael will work closely with your team to curate a wine tasting that pairs works of art with wines that elicit similar accolades from those who enjoy them.

Chocolate : From Bean To Bar


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Chocolate Lovers - And Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate?

For thousands of years, people around the world have sensuous and sumptuous delight in chocolate, and today we are once again living in something of a chocolate renaissance.

Chocolatiers are rediscovering the art of making chocolate, with the confection itself being lauded as everything from a health food to an aphrodisiac.

In this event experience, Michael will guide you through a tasting of some of the finest chocolates in the world, in all the delectable form it can take.

Discover how each chocolate's origins, cacao content, and other factors contribute to create it's unique taste. and how the humble cacao bean is transformed into one of the world's most beloved foods.

Wine By Design


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Jewelry, Fashion, And Luxury Brands

The qualities that define luxury in the world of wine are often the same as those we value in jewelry, fashion, and other luxury goods and services.

In Wine By Design, Michael takes the time to understand the core attributes that make your brand authentic and valued by consumers, and create a customized, compelling experience that pairs your products or services with delectable wines that share those same qualities.

Celebrate and reinforce the features that make your brand stand out from the crowd through a tasting of inimitable wines whose producers have found their own ways of making their brand their own.

Wines That Give Back


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Charity/Non-Profit Fundraisers

Wine has long been the libation of choice at many a non-profit gala or charity fundraiser - a beverage for toasting an organization's successes and, let's face it for helping lubricate a crowd's wallets come auction time!

But some winemakers have realized they have an opportunity to make an even more direct contribution to the causes they believe in, and are donating product and profits to charities and non-profits in their communities and around the world.

In Wines That Give Back, Michael celebrates this charitable spirit by leading a tasting through a number of inspiring wines by these magnanimous producers, and explores why these winemakers have decided to make giving back an important part of their business.

This is an event experience that will leave the room flowing with wine and the spirit of giving at just the right moment!

A World Of Whiskey


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Whether it‘s the exploding small batch Bourbon scene (and the innumerable cocktails they have inspired) or the lively discussion that comes with debating the best Irish Whiskey, brown spirits are on a roll!

Some of the finest new products in the beverage world are the domain of these beloved liquors, and knowing the difference between Bourbon whiskey and rye, or Canadian whiskey and American whiskey, can be the key to finding a brown liquor that fits your palate.

Join Michael for a spirited tasting experience that will enrich client and employee relationships to help drive sales. During this experience you will have the chance to sip through an array of up-and-coming whiskeys and brandys, as well as some old favorites that are winning over new fans.

FOOD AS HEAVEN - A Michael Green Experience

Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

We all know Chinese food, but very few have experienced a Chinese Banquet. NYC's Chinatown is not only home to one of the largest Chinese populations in the US, it is also home to stunning food. There is a famous Chinese saying 民以食为天 which literally means: people regard food as heaven.  Be transported to culinary paradise with a classic Chinese banquet! These indulgent feasts are created to mark special life events. Served family style, these meals foster a true sense of sharing and community.  

Join Michael Green as we savor 10 curated courses of food paired with fantastic food friendly wines to accompany these varied dishes.

Below is a sample menu!

The Banquet











The Wines

Gruet Brut NV  (New Mexico)

Sax Gruner Veltliner Zwillingslauser 2015 (Austria)

J.J. Prum Gracher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 2015 (Germany)

Charvet Beaujolais Rouge 2014  (France)

Castlet Moscato d'Asti 2015 (Italy) 

Suds up! The Art Of American Craft Beer


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For US Companies And Younger People

Just 20 years ago, the phrase “American craft beer" might have sounded like something of an oxymoron - how times have changed!

The past decade has seen a thrilling explosion in micro-brewing in the United States. Whether they are rediscovering old-world brewing styles, or innovating new methods and tastes, today's beer makers are serving up a stunning array of thoughtfully crafted and mouthwatering brews.

With so many choices, no one could blame you for needing some guidance! Let Michael help you make sense of the scene, tasting through an exhilarating variety of styles from brewers on the cutting edge of the craft movement, discover what makes each beer unique, and find out what’s on tap for tomorrow in the world of American craft beer.

A Taste of Leadership


Great for client-entertaining, sales meetings, and leadership forums.

The leadership qualities that forecast success in the corporate workplace are often the same as those found in those who have successfully brought their wine labels to the highest levels of status and acclaim. It takes assembling and leading a team of motivated and creative professionals to develop a wine brand's image, raise brand awareness. and promote consumer loyalty, as it does in any industry.

Michael guides your team through a tasting of a number of thrilling and unique wines whose producers have carved out a spot in a crowded marketplace and examine the differentiators and leadership qualities that have been the basis of their success. After a consultation about what true leadership means to your business, Michael customizes your wine tasting to reinforce your company's messaging.

Liquid Assets: How To Start, Manage, And Maintain A Wine Cellar


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For C-Suite Executives

While many people have the financial means to start and assemble a wine cellar, these collections are often afflicted with what Michael calls the 80/20 principle: 80% of the wines are great and historic but unready to drink, and 20% are over the hill and should have been consumed long ago.

By tasting the wines of several different vintages, you will come to understand that great wine has much in common with bonds: try to cash in by uncorking before maturity, and you'll miss out on the full value of your investment!

Through a variety of tips and tricks of the trade, learn how to assemble a wine cellar that is both a sound investment and a source of satisfaction and celebration.

Champagne & Friends!


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Great For Holidays Or Celebrating A Big Company Win

There's nothing that lights up a celebration or a romantic evening quite like sparkling wine, and while Champagne may be the king when it comes to bubbles, the sparkling story does not stop there.

Nearly every country has at least one distinct style of sparkling wine, and may have more than that - many of them come at a great value.

Whether it's a Spanish Cava or a sparkling wine from the desert climate of New Mexico, there is tremendous and growing diversity in the world of sparklers.

In this effervescent tasting experience, you'll join Michael in tasting some of the most exciting sparkling wines from some of the most unexpected places, so that whether it's a romantic date or a client you're trying to woo, you'll be ready to seal the deal now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Grapes & Regions You Probably Don't Know But Should


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Great For A Product Refresh Or Opening New Markets

Beyond the world of Chardonnay and Cabernet, there are thousands of regions and over 10,000 varieties of grapes that are probably off your radar screen.

But just because these wines don't have their own aisle at your local wine store, doesn't mean they're not worth seeking out. Many of these wines are among the most exciting and enjoyable around but, for one reason or another, just haven‘t caught fire with the public yet.

Let Michael keep you ahead of the curve, introducing you to up-and-coming regions and grapes, and positioning you as a taste-maker among friends and colleagues, and put that grape in your glass before it's on the tips of everyone's tongues!

Vino-Tech: An Evening Of Wine & Technology


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Tech Companies

Innovations in technology continue to revolutionize nearly every aspect of our lives, and the wine industry is no exception. From the vine to the bottle, technology is leaving a sometimes controversial but certainly undeniable mark on the way we produce, bottle, and consume our wine.

With Michael as your guide, find out why the screw cap's bad reputation may be undeserved, how the Coravin wine preservation system is making fine wine by the glass a reality at restaurants and wine bars, how temperature-sensitive labels are letting consumers at last enjoy their wines as their producers intended, and much more!

Tailored to fit your own company's brand messaging, Vino-Tech is a thrilling look at the way new technological innovations are reshaping the way we enjoy one at the world's oldest and most beloved beverages.

Wine - Region Based Events


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Excellent For Product Refresh Or New Market Introduction

We can learn a lot about a place from the wine that emerges from it's vineyards. To explore the wine of a particular region is to explore its history and culture, it's climate and geography, it's traditions and diversity.

Each of these ever-popular event experiences presents a guided tour through some of the most electrifying wines a country or region has to offer.

With Michael at the helm, taste through wines from the traditional to the cutting edge that show what makes each region unique, and discover how climate, culture, and more come together to create the wines you love.

Raising Spirits


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Innovating And Trend Setting Brands

One day, a bottle of Fernet Branca is collecting dust behind the bar, and the next, it’s the toast of the town - when a spirit is hot, it's hot!

With new products launching by the dozen, and long-forgotten elixirs finding new flavors, it can be tough to keep up. And how can you tell a flash in the pan from something worth sipping?

Not to fear - Michael has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in the ever changing spirits game. Taste through the most exciting spirits that are making their mark on the scene. From small batch bourbons to liqueurs that will take your taste buds to bold new places. 

Experience the best of what today's spirit makers and innovators have to offer so you can stay ahead of the curve!