How To Buy Inexpensive Wine

No tax refund this year?  Are you a wine buyer on a budget? Looking for something you will love to drink again and again.  Follow these tips and you can leave your wine shop with something filled with flavor and light on the purse.  

Avoid Expensive Regions

Go To Lesser-Known and Less Expensive Regions. Looking for a California Cab? Then try something from Chile. If you’re after a delicious bubbly, skip the Champagne and try a Cava.  (Cava is the name of sparkling wine from Spain and it is made the same way as Champers - only without the hefty price tag.

Try An Unexpected and Undervalued Grape (aka Find a stunt double for a more expensive wine)

Like Pinot Noir?  Then try Gamay.  (It is the grape used to make Beaujolais from France.)Like Sancerre?  Try an Albarino? (Albrino hails from the remote Northwest corner of Spain.  It is like Sauvignon Blanc meets dry Riesling.) Like a bit of fruitiness?  Try German Riesling. (One of the most food friendly and tasty wines on the planet.)

Find a Wine Shop you adore and a salesperson you trust.

Do not be intimidated! Tell the salesperson your budget. Use your words!  Give them a grape, a style (light medium or full) or a region you have enjoyed in the past. See what The Wine has to say.  Cutting to the chase - there is no relationship between price and taste.