Champagne & Friends!


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Great For Holidays Or Celebrating A Big Company Win

There's nothing that lights up a celebration or a romantic evening quite like sparkling wine, and while Champagne may be the king when it comes to bubbles, the sparkling story does not stop there.

Nearly every country has at least one distinct style of sparkling wine, and may have more than that - many of them come at a great value.

Whether it's a Spanish Cava or a sparkling wine from the desert climate of New Mexico, there is tremendous and growing diversity in the world of sparklers.

In this effervescent tasting experience, you'll join Michael in tasting some of the most exciting sparkling wines from some of the most unexpected places, so that whether it's a romantic date or a client you're trying to woo, you'll be ready to seal the deal now that’s a reason to celebrate!