Wines That Give Back


Custom Tastings & Gourmet Events

Perfect For Charity/Non-Profit Fundraisers

Wine has long been the libation of choice at many a non-profit gala or charity fundraiser - a beverage for toasting an organization's successes and, let's face it for helping lubricate a crowd's wallets come auction time!

But some winemakers have realized they have an opportunity to make an even more direct contribution to the causes they believe in, and are donating product and profits to charities and non-profits in their communities and around the world.

In Wines That Give Back, Michael celebrates this charitable spirit by leading a tasting through a number of inspiring wines by these magnanimous producers, and explores why these winemakers have decided to make giving back an important part of their business.

This is an event experience that will leave the room flowing with wine and the spirit of giving at just the right moment!