You've got your product. Now What?


Your company needs to find ways to foster innovation and increase sales in a competitive marketplace. This creative and productive team building experience, designed for any industry or market, will explore the branding and marketing of a wine.

What can marketing and selling a wine in a cluttered marketplace teach you about your product or service? Lots!

You will first learn about your hypothetical market and demographic that you need to reach, then work together as teams to prepare a presentation for a national distributor that has the potential to take your brand to market.

You will be tasting the wine along the way!

This workshop will foster collaboration and creativity with sales and marketing teams. During this fun and energizing experience you will work to:

  • Collaborate to meet company objectives.
  • Create brand identity, positioning, messaging, and product design.
  • Develop marketing strategies and allocate marketing dollars.

At the end of the session, teams will be judged on their presentation and one team will be selected as the winner!